Radio Solutions

 Wireless Networks for the transmission of telemetry, CCTV, video, voice or data. Wireless Network topology solutions for Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point or Mesh radio networks.


High Definition IP CCTV Solutions for excellent recorded resolution footage. Offering the latest technology with video analytics software. IP CCTV solutions for different budgets from commercial to residential CCTV. 

Track Safety Traffic Light Radio

The MX-1 System is a wireless control Mesh Radio that controls track safety lights. It allows safety Marshals to warn or stop riders remotely using a wireless handheld controller.

Advanced Stuff

MESH Wireless Networks


Telemetry is low speed data that is control information. As of the low data rate narrow bandwidth frequency channels are only needed.  

Mesh Radio

To interconnect radios for complete redundancy and extend coverage a Mesh radio network has multiple connections. The MX1 System which is designed to remotely operate safety traffic lights is an in-house solution that uses Mesh radio and low bit rate data telemetry for Marshals to control the track safety track lights.

motocross traffic light system

                                                                           Mesh radio traffic light track safety solution

CCTV Video Analytics


CCTV cameras now have more intelligence to alert the presence, removal or any picture changes. 

Video Analytics

                         CCTV Video Analytics

Video analytics is a self learning process whereby the camera can detect changes in the picture image. Alerts can be set for direction, human, object and trip wire scenarios. An email, remote streaming of picture, sounds or picture is enlarged in main view for notification. 

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