Radio Solutions

 Wireless Networks for the transmission of telemetry, CCTV, video, voice or data. Wireless Network topology solutions for Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point or Mesh radio networks.


High Definition IP CCTV Solutions for excellent recorded resolution footage. Offering the latest technology with video analytics software. IP CCTV solutions for different budgets from commercial to residential CCTV. 

Track Safety Traffic Light Radio

The MX-1 System is a wireless control Mesh Radio that controls track safety lights. It allows safety Marshals to warn or stop riders remotely using a wireless handheld controller.

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WiFi Networks

Wifi networks are now ubiquitous for internet access. This is called bring your own device to connect to a public wifi network. Guest Wifi access can be controlled to what the public can access, logs sessions and limited time or download speed or data volume.   


WiFi Access Points

Wifi Access Points are installed which give WiFi coverage. There are different technologies 802.11b/g 802.11n and 802.11ac that give different data rates and coverage. Wifi Access Points are centrally controlled which allows configuration, monitoring and performance data to be stored and viewed.

Wifi Access Points


                   Wifi Access Points

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Microwave Radio Networks

Microwave Networks provide broadband wireless networks to connect sites together. Typically this is for an extension of an IP network and is a more cost effective solution then using a fixed wired network. Radios can operate in different frequency bands and are either called licensed (a fee to use frequency spectrum) or licensed exempt (no fee to pay).

Point to Point

Point to Point wireless link is between two sites and can transmit video, data or voice traffic.

microwave networks

Point to Point wireless networks can be extended to create a chain or ring typologies.


Point to Multipoint

Point to Multipoint radio networks is a one to many relationship where subscribers or Customer Premises Equipment CPE can access services using radio.

radio network point to multipoint





MESH Wireless Networks


Telemetry is low speed data that is control information. As of the low data rate narrow bandwidth frequency channels are only needed.  

Mesh Radio

To interconnect radios for complete redundancy and extend coverage a Mesh radio network has multiple connections. The MX1 System which is designed to remotely operate safety traffic lights is an in-house solution that uses Mesh radio and low bit rate data telemetry for Marshals to control the track safety track lights.

motocross traffic light system

                                                                           Mesh radio traffic light track safety solution

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