Radio Solutions

 Wireless Networks for the transmission of telemetry, CCTV, video, voice or data. Wireless Network topology solutions for Point to Point, Point to Multi-Point or Mesh radio networks.


High Definition IP CCTV Solutions for excellent recorded resolution footage. Offering the latest technology with video analytics software. IP CCTV solutions for different budgets from commercial to residential CCTV. 

Track Safety Traffic Light Radio

The MX-1 System is a wireless control Mesh Radio that controls track safety lights. It allows safety Marshals to warn or stop riders remotely using a wireless handheld controller.

Sample Data-Articles

IP Camera Cloud Storage & IP Camera NVR + Cloud Herefordshire

Common Applications

CCTV Cloud Construction Site
CCTV Cloud Construction Site
CCTV Cloud Retail
CCTV Cloud Retail
CCTV Cloud Residential
CCTV Cloud Residential
CCTV Cloud Small Business
CCTV Cloud Small Business

Application and Costs

Pricing is very competitive per CCTV camera either per month or yearly. The CCTV application is only compatible with certain manufacture cameras and NVR's. McKelvie Solutions can supply CCTV cameras, configuration and installation.

The CCTV Cloud Application can be downloaded for Android or iOS:

CCTV Android Cloud Application
CCTV iOS Cloud Application

WiFi Coverage for Guest Internet

A WiFi access point that allows internet access for phones, tablets and computers only has a limited coverage area. This is a problem when you require WiFi access in large open areas and buildings. To improve coverage multiple WiFi access points have to be installed and networked back to the broadband router to allow guests at site to have internet access. Marsh Hill Farm in Herefordshire required WiFi coverage for their Bed and Breakfast rooms, Holiday Let, Gym and Campsite. 


WiFi Solution

To extend the WiFi network from the main farm building to the Gym and Campsite a point to multi-point radio system was used. Attached to each radio at the gym and shower block a WiFi access point allows guest WiFi access to the internet . For the Holiday Let and Bed & Breakfast rooms cables were installed to network the WiFi access points back to the broadband router. 

In total 5 WiFi access points were deployed configured to limit time duration and network bandwidth for guest access . A WiFi controller provides monitoring and configuration of the WiFi system at Marsh Hill Farm. Each guests profile is logged with time duration and MAC address for future administration if needed.  The WiFi controller is accessible via the cloud making remote technical support possible.   

In the Gym the WiFi provides video streaming services for the smart TV allowing guests using the Gym to watch their favorite channels.

WiFi Campsite

WiFi Marsh Farm House Campsite Shower Block for Guest WiFi on Campsite

Guest WiFi

WiFi Access Point on barn for Gym WiFi and Holiday Let Point to Multi-point radio to extend WiFi to Gym and Campsite



MX1 Marshal Safety Radio Controller System

Wildtracks Off road activity park in Newmarket Suffolk required a replacement radio control solution for their Motocross Marshals. To cover the 1500 meters of Motocross track there are over 20 safety traffic lights to give caution, stop or start race. A number of Marshals are placed at key locations and are responsible for a number of safety traffic lights broken down in to zones. McKelvie Solutions along with Magna Electronics designed the MX1 safety Wireless Solution for track Marshals. 

Marshal radio control safety lights

                                         Motocross Track Wildtracks Newmarket

Marshal Radio Controller 

Each Marshal radio controller can operate up to 9 zones and turn off/on three separate lights. Each radio Marshal controller can be set only to operate specific zones and a chief marshal controller to take overall control. Each Wireless Marshal controller is powered by AA batteries with a low battery LED. 

Traffic Light Receiver

To obtain network coverage between Marshal and track safety traffic light receivers MESH technology extends the signal between receivers and controllers. This not only gives great coverage but gives network resilience by not having a single point of failure as found with typically wireless handheld control systems. Each receiver is weatherproof and is powered by a 12 V DC battery which is a typical voltage used by previously installed track safety lights. 

Wildtracks Motocross Track

After trying to find a solution on the market that could replace their ageing radio controlled marshal safety lights with no success McKelvie Solutions and Magna Electronics successfully meet their requirements by designing, software programming and manufacturing a track safety light solution that was fit for their purpose.

To find out more about the MX1 System click here

 Motocross marshal radio system




 The Communications Challenge

Wessex Water is in the process of delivering its largest and most complex project yet - establishing a water supply grid. The £225M, eight-year project involves the construction of more than 200km of new pipelines, 24 new or refurbished pumping stations and 12 new storage tanks ranging from two to eight million litres.

Wessex Water required a cost effective telemetry Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) communications solution to interconnect this vast network of pipelines, pumping stations and reservoirs.

McKelvie Solutions a telecoms system integrator with over 30 years experience in radio and an IP radio solutions specialist, was asked to assess suitable microwave technologies to determine the best solution. The assessment also required consideration of wind and solar technologies for remote site powering solutions.

To meet the communications challenge the following were identified:

  • Microwave radio using licensed and licensed exempt spectrum.
  • Power requirement of radio solution 24 V DC.
  • Near-line of sight operation between some sites.
  • Low power consumption as some sites are off-grid. 


SCADA Radio Network

                 200km Ring Microwave SCADA Network

 Radio Scada

Off Grid Wind Turbine and PV Panels Microwave Radio


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